Sunday, 16 October 2011

Inspiration: Lissy Elle

For this weekend's inspiration, I bring you another of my favourite photographers as I owe a lot of my own inspiration to them.

Lissy Elle is one of those addictive photographers who make you think it would be really fun to hang around with them. Her images are playful and remind us (well, me, at least) of what it's like to be a child again.

I think that photography should evoke something in its viewer and Lissy Elle definitely succeeds. She's the kind of photographer I look up to. Not only is she the queen of concepts and an expert at pulling them off but she's so young! Such talent in someone so young can only lead to brilliant and wonderful things. 

I think Lissy's work speaks for itself so I will leave the final two pictures without words. To find her around the net see the bottom of this post.

Places to find Lissy:
365 Tumblr

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